Presentation at Adoption Citizenship Seminar

I had the privilege of presenting to a group of Korean adoptees from around the country on September 15, 2018 hosted at the Korean Cultural Center sponsored by the Korean Consulate of Los Angeles.

“Are You a US Citizen – Strategies to Confirm Your Citizenship”

The Adoption Citizenship Seminar focused on the rights of adoptees, legislation to protect those that did not have their citizenship finalized in the United States and the impact that this has had. Prior to the Child Citizenship Act of 2000, an adopted child did not receive automatic citizenship. To this effect, many were left without status even though they were legally adopted, by US citizens, and brought over. The lack of status has resulted in many problems for the children, now adults, which could lead ultimately to deportation.

Therefore, a push has been made by many organizations that champion adoptee rights, legal changes, etc. to ensure that no child is left behind. With increased enforcement actions – it is imperative for individuals to confirm or verify their status. Speaking to a knowledgable immigration attorney would assist in gaining the peace of mind necessary in these uncertain times.

The slides can be found here: Presentation Final handout