Inadmissibility: Public Charge (Part III)

With USCIS, however, despite recent news articles, they have not changed the regulations yet. So far, if you have an adequate sponsor or joint sponsor, then it should still be fine to file. However, a draft of the Draft Public Charge Rules have been shared online through the work of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. A summary of it can be found here.

As stated, this is NOT THE LAW yet. However, it can potentially have a severe impact on the immigrant community if it does become law. I will post when I find out when comments will be accepted on the Regulations Website.  It will be important for the public to be vocal in their opposition to this change because if you read the minutia, you can see that they want to penalize things like, US citizen children getting food, health care and the like.

Please speak to an experienced immigration attorney before making a decision in reaction to these potential changes.