Sonia S. Figueroa, Esq.

Ms. Figueroa is an attorney with a varied background. Born of immigrant parents, she left the United States to live in Korea for almost ten years, during which time she learned about some of the difficulties in being an immigrant. As a veteran of the armed forces and a former U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) adjudications officer, she is familiar with the bureaucracy of the federal government and strives to ensure that all of her clients receive the individualized care that they deserve. Her mission is to take a genuine interest in her clients, understand their goals and meet their expectations in a timely and efficient manner. She will work to maintain the highest ethical standards and foster a culture of open communication with clients and colleagues.

Her focus is immigration, primarily involving family applications, removal defense and T/U/VAWA petitions. This is a growth area of the legal field due to the ever-changing landscape that is immigration policy and the anticipation that some form of immigration reform can be expected in the near future, which will increase the demand for knowledgeable representation.



Former USCIS Immigration Service Officer

US Military Veteran


FLUENT IN KOREAN (한국말 하는 이민 변호사)


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CA Bar #: 269785